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the harvest

The Harvest Project and a NPO Filmhouse called Intent Conscious Media has worked together to produce a documentary titled THE HARVEST which shares the true life stories of children born in recycling camps as well as the amazing story of the school and the founders. It also discusses the unfortunate fact that the discrimination of children for who they are is still a prominent issue in South Africa and the world. The film also highlights how the school and The Harvest Project teach the children how important they are and that they are worthy and that they live each day in celebration and memory of the children who died for equality, an education and fighting for who they were throughout history across the world.  


Indlala is a mobile shot documentary which follows the journey of the The Harvest Covid 19 Relief Project. It’s main narrative follows the crisis of hunger during this pandemic but more importantly in South Africa in general. It’s not only a hunger of food, nutrition, but also value. South Africa faces an issue which doesn’t evolve around color anymore, instead it’s a condition which involves all types and that’s classism. Hunger comes in many forms, some creates oppression and weakness while others create extremes.

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